Who am I?


Born in the middle of August of ‘95 in the South West of England, to an English mother and Italian father. I was raised with a passion for film and travel. These passions would come to define my life, as I have since been lucky enough to travel around. Even moving from the rolling hills of my birthplace to the flat plains of the Netherlands and now working as a filmmaker.


After relocating to the Netherlands and completing HAVO I was finally able to follow and fuel my passion for film during my Bachelor's degree (HBO) of Art and Technology. Here I specialised in video and traveled to Bulgaria for a minor in Video Journalism. For my graduation I took an internship at Transavia Airlines, working in their in-house studio. It was here that I discovered something else that would drive and excite me... Animation and motion graphic design. For almost 3 years I worked for Transavia making both internal and external content. Not only videos and animations, but also posters, banners, stickers, and ad's for both Instagram (feed and stories) and Facebook.


Next to my work at Transavia I have worked as a freelance filmmaker, working for various clients and on assorted personal projects. These projects have varied from working as an assistant director on a Bollywood film to directing on a Dutch language YouTube series for young teens.

As someone with knowledge on many topics within the video production pipeline, I am always looking for new and exciting challenges and somewhere where I put my skills to good use.