Below are a few examples of internal videos I made while at Transavia. Due to them being marked as private videos on vimeo, they are only accessable through a link to the page:

Herhuisvesting video:


This video was to communicate to colleagues what Transavia's future plans are for their offices and workspaces. My roles for this video were making the storyboard, animating the video and editing the animation together with audio to make a final product.

Project weging:

As Transavia Studios is an in-house production agency, they get many requests for content from the whole company. To illustrate how they choose which projects they should and can take on, we made a couple of videos explaining the process (with this video explaining how the projects are weighed:  https://vimeo.com/458473350/cf7367e0ad). My role for these videos was storyboarding, animating, adding music and sound effects.